Looking for the best thing to do in Tijuana? You’ll love these tips even if you’re only there for a day. If you haven’t been to Tijuana yet, then you’ll definitely feel right at home. Between the beautiful beaches, fascinating landmarks, and delicious places to eat and drink, you will never want to leave Tijuana.

Our Guests on Our Fun Walking Tour Through Tijuana

Yet, what are the best sites, places, restaurants, and shops to travel to in Tijuana? Where can you find the locals favorite places or the best margarita on the beach? This guide will give you the greatest outlook on what you can see in Tijuana, especially if you only have one day.

Best 10 Things to Do in Tijuana

Playas de Tijuana – The Stunning Beaches of Tijuana

No paradise on the planet would be complete without a captivating beach. Not only are the playas of Tijuana extraordinary, they’re very lively too. There’s not many places in the world where you can find vendors selling delicious salted, roasted corn on the seashore. Or even get a chance to hear mariachi bands serenade you as you watch the sunset along the clear horizon. This is not only a relaxing beach for travelers to visit, but also a great spot for locals to hang out too.

The beautiful Pacific ocean in Tijuana

Visitors recommend going to the Playas de Tijuana because it’s never crowded and it’s utterly breathtaking. There’s a colorful mural painted on a historic wall, plenty of street food being sold on the beach, and a great place to bask in the Mexican sun. You should start packing your bags pronto!

Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT) – An Awarding Winning Museum of Mexico

Not only is this a mecca for art and culture within Tijuana, but it’s also a very significant center throughout Mexico. It is known to be the symbol of Tijuana due to its incredible architecture. The building of the institution is shaped like a large clay sphere, so it’s hard to miss.

La Voz del Norte

You will not only see spectacular works of art, but you will also get a chance to watch a movie in the IMAX Dome. There’s also a botanical garden, an aquarium, a Documentation Center for the Arts, an International Gallery, and much, much more. What’s also great about the Tijuana Cultural Center is that there are always events going on such as concerts, lectures, and activities for families and children.

Mercado El Popo – A Traditional Festive Market

A trip to Mexico, or any country for that matter, must include a trip to the local market. How else can you see the true authentic culture? Or try the amazing local fruits and vegetables? Tijuana welcomes visitors to explore the fresh market along with the other shops that sell clothes and other accessories. This is a great place to shop for souvenirs for friends and family back home (just be sure to barter)!

Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe – Center of History

This grand Cathedral is not only a magnificent site but a historical piece of architecture in Tijuana. Visitors enjoy touring around the Catedral de Nuestra to marvel at its decadent designs and cultural significance. The Cathedral was established over 50 years ago, back in 1964. Many locals attend mass and other religious ceremonies at the Cathedral to this day. This is a nice site to visit and great if you hire a tour guide too.

Las Ahumaderas – Taco Alley

Trying to find the best taco in Tijuana? You won’t have to look farther than Las Ahumaderas. This is the place that is coined “Taco Alley.” This corner is home to five tasty taquerias serving up the best Mexican dishes and mouth-watering tacos. You are welcome to sit at the counter and watch the cooks prepare your meal. If you love barbequed meat, you will enjoy watching how the mesquite meat is sliced and grilled.

Plaza Fiesta – For the Craft Cerveza Lovers

Some of the best craft beers brewed here in Tijuana! Check out the best breweries here.

Interested in checking out the local brewery scene in Tijuana? You won’t have to look everywhere else other than Plaza Fiesta. This is where the true hops of Baja lie. There are over 40 different breweries and tasting rooms in this plaza along with the best nightlife. Plaza Fiesta is relatively new in Tijuana and the scene has grown over the years.

Inside our favorite local brewery, Border Psycho

One of our favorite breweries in the plaza is Border Psycho. They offer the best local beer and great views of Tijuana!

Watching a Lucha Libre Match – A Fight You Won’t Forget

Ever wanted to see the iconic Mexican wrestling known as Lucha Libre? Here’s your chance! Every Friday night at the Auditorio Municipal Fausto Gutierrez Moreno, you can see the impressive event. The wrestling match is between two macho men wearing bright colored masks. They all have funny fakes names that scare their opponent such as, “Heavy Metal” or “Super Shocker.” This is a great event to attend if you’re interested in watching freeform wrestling. It’s surely an experience you won’t want to miss while visiting Tijuana.

Mercado Hildago – One of the Best Markets to Shop At in Tijuana

Want to see the best farmer’s market in all of Tijuana? If you visit Mercado Hildago, you’ll understand why it’s rated the number one shopping market on Trip Advisor. Not only is there a lot of fresh produce, but there’s also shops selling Mexican candy. If you love chilli spices, then you will not want to miss the chance to shop at this market. It’s also a great place to grab lunch or dinner or street food for a great price.

The Famous Avenida Revolucion Street

Although this is considered to be a touristy street, this is definitely a spot you will not miss when visiting Tijuana. The street is alive with restaurants, hotels, vendors, and much more. This iconic street is historic to Tijuana since it was the place where people in the US would escape to during the Prohibition era.

Avenida Revolucion Street
Our lovely guests enjoying their Tijuana Walking Tour and posing on Avenida Revolucion Street

It seems as though a whole lot hasn’t changed since it’s still the central area and some of the first buildings are still standing. Don’t miss trying the original Caesar salad, which was was invented at the Hotel Caesar restaurant.

Tijuana Food Garden – For the Best Cultural Eats

If you love the ability to try different types of food in one setting, the Tijuana Food Garden is the best spot. Set up almost like a food truck parking lot, the Tijuana Food Garden offers a variety of local artisan eateries. There are places that serve fusion style dishes along with the flavors of Tijuana. This is also a unique collective because the food garden strives to create a positive social atmosphere within the city.

tacos south of California other than Tijuana
Taco me, please! You won’t find better tacos south of California other than Tijuana.

Looking for More Great Places?

Hopefully this list gives you a great insight as to why Tijuana is one of our favorite places. We’ve been going here with our families since we were kids and hope you get a chance to experience the magic for yourself. If you’re interested in booking a tour, we offer several here in Tijuana and the Baja area.

A mariachi band serenading our guests in Tijuana
A mariachi band serenading our guests in Tijuana

If you’d like to create your own tour with the suggestions listed above, we’d be happy to take you anywhere you’d like. Check out our full list of tours here and reserve your spot on what has been known as an unforgettable experience. We hope to see you in Tijuana very soon!

Welcome to Tijuana!
Welcome to Tijuana!