When traveling to Tijuana for a day trip, you want to make sure you eat at the tastiest restaurants. Finding a Tijuana restaurant with the best food can be hard to navigate. With over hundreds of different places to eat, how do you know which one is worth your time and Mexican pesos?

You can’t miss a delicious plate of Tijuana tacos

No pasa nada (no problem), we have listed these fantastic places in our 2017 Tijuana Restaurant Review Guide. You’ll find many Tijuana restaurants that will fit your cravings!

We’ll explain which places have good ratings and we’ll let you know from our personal experience if they’re worth eating at. We’ll also let you know the places that are off the tourist radar. Hopefully you won’t be too hungry by the time you’ve finished reading this post!

Maíz Restaurante

A Tijuana restaurant that has over one hundred 5-star reviews, there’s no denying how delicious the homemade meals at Maíz are. Not only does this small, casual eatery serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but they make authentic mexican classics.

Photo by Maiz Restaurante

And you can tell that they make it with love. You’ll find enchiladas, carnitas, tostadas and much, much more. They’re rated as one of the best Tijuana restaurants on Yelp, so don’t miss a meal here when you’re visiting Tijuana!

Tacos El Franc

There’s no doubt that Tacos El Franc has some of the best tacos on the Western coast of Mexico. If you don’t believe us, you’ll be shocked by the fantastic reviews. This is one of the only places where you’ll be given adobadas and tacos smothered in creamy guacamole.

Photo by Baja California

Everyone raves that Tacos El Franc serves the most delicious tacos and horchata. You can get a lot of tasty tacos for an inexpensive price. Just be sure to bring cash, such as Mexican pesos or USD.

Caesar’s Restaurante

There’s no way Caesar’s Restaurante wasn’t going to be mentioned on our list. If you’ve ever wondered where the Caesar salad first originated, well, rumor has it that it was invented here at Caesar’s Restaurante.

Photo by Caesar’s

Although no one can confirm this is true, including the restaurant itself, yet the fine-dining eatery still boasts that it serves the original dressing. The food is far from authentic Mexican fare, yet definitely a classic Tijuana restaurant to visit!


Photo by CABANNA

The presentation of the extraordinary dishes are mouth-watering alone. This Tijuana restaurant will surely be your favorite! CABANNA not only serves excellent south-of-the-border fare, but it also advertises unique specials all the time. They have five different locations, but the Tijuana restaurant is one that you can’t skip. If you’re in the mood for Mexican seafood tacos or BBQ ribs, you must dine at CABANNA.

La Justina

Photo by La Justina

Trying to find a great place for food and drinks? Look no further than La Justina, a hip restaurant on the famous Ave. Revolucion. This Tijuana restaurant serves more than just tacos and enchiladas. Try their pork bun as an appetizer before feasting on bone marrow or the pulpo pizza. Not only do guests love the unique dishes, but the cocktails and mixed drinks are outside the box! Don’t be surprised to find toasted marshmallows in your Snake Oil or a torched lemon in your tequila cocktail.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to find the best Tijuana restaurant in sunny Baja. Along our private tours, we offer an exclusive chance for guests to visit the restaurant they desire. If you’re unsure, don’t worry! We take our guests to restaurants we know they will love and that compliment their interests. Be sure to check out the menus and photos of these popular restaurants and let your stomach decide where you’ll eat when you visit.