The New York Times recently exposed the truth about Mexico’s wine country in Valle de Guadalupe. Not only are the Valle de Guadalupe wineries beyond extraordinary, they are a coveted jewel of Baja Mexico.

View from one of the wineries on our Valle de Guadalupe tour

When travelers think of Mexico, the last thing they imagine is sipping wine from locally grown grapes surrounded by epic mountain peaks and lush greenery. Yet this is the daily reality at many of the Valle de Guadalupe wineries.

We’ve known about this well-kept secret for many years; it’s one of the reasons we started Baja Winery Tours. We wanted to share the beautiful and enchanting experience with all travelers and wine enthusiasts.

A beautiful day in Mexico’s wine country!

We’re happy that Robert Draper shared his first time experience and his tips for travelers who plan to visit wineries in Valle de Guadalupe. We decided to elaborate on the few he mentioned and also share our favorites.

Enjoy the ride as we take you from one amazing winery to the next on our literary Valle de Guadalupe winery tour!

Monte Xanic

Photo credit Monte Xanic

Our first stop is at the oldest and most renown winery in Valle de Guadalupe, Monte Xanic. As we zoom across the smooth, golden terrain, you will eventually see a large patch of bright tree-green vines and small fruit trees. You will then know we have arrived at the famous Monte Xanic, a winery that has been producing wine for over 20 years in Baja.

Monte Xanic makes more than 50,000 cases of magnificent wine each year that entices visitors to return. You’ll enjoy sipping on a Monte Xanic glass of wine while relaxing by the fish-filled pond.

Finca La Carrodilla

Our second stop is on the luxuriant ranch of Finca La Carrodilla. You will fall in love with the rolling Baja hills that create a harmonious backdrop with the vineyard.

Photo credit: Finca La Carrodilla

All of the Valle de Guadalupe wineries have a unique way of growing and producing their wines. At Finca La Carrodilla, they practice biodynamic agriculture, a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of making wine. They are the first certified organic winery in the whole valley. They care for their grapes and the soil that it’s grown in. You can tell they take pride after having a taste of their many varietals.

Our guest having a lovely time at Finca La Carrodilla on their wine tour

Finca La Carrodilla produces 3,000 bottles of wine each year. They not only make wine, but they also grow fruits and vegetables in their orchard. You’ll enjoy your wine tasting on their outdoor patio while taking in the forever spring scenery.

Photo credit Finca La Carrodilla

Viñas de Garza

Onto our next tasting, where we will head further south of the city to discover a cozy winery in the countryside.

Photo credit MGBajaTravel

Don’t be fooled by the size of Viñas de Garza. Although the winery seems small, this 9 hectare vineyard produces sensational wine that will delight your palate. Don’t miss their noteworthy Chardonnay that’s aged in a barrel, giving it a great oak taste. The winery also has samples of other wines from various vineyards around the valley. Be sure to schedule a wine tasting here for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday since that’s when they’re open to the public.


Photo credit Lomita

Hopefully you’re not too tipsy as we travel back onto Valle de Guadalupe’s wine route. Up next, we’re going to visit the enchanting Lomita winery.

Our guests having a blast at Lomita on our winery tour

We love everything about Lomita, it’s one of the wineries we take our guests to on our popular Valle de Guadalupe tour. What’s remarkable about the winery is the two-story building that provides stunning views of the grand mountain pass that traverses through Valle de Guadalupe. The wide-open wine tasting patio provides excellent space, it’s no wonder why many people have their wedding here.

Double Rainbow Photo Credit Lomita

The Tinto de la Hacienda is their red blend of Shyraz, Merlot, and Tempranillo. This wine has exquisite juicy and spicy notes such as plums, figs, cinnamon, and blackberries. Their Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc blend has notes of citrus, pineapple, and pink grapefruit, reminding you of the tropical warm weather you’re enjoying.

Trevista Vineyards

Our last spot is at a quaint winery that has upheld 5 star reviews from previous guests. Enjoy the vast natural surrounding at this charming vineyard.

Photo credit Trevista Vineyards

One of the vineyards that’s part of the Valle de Guadalupe wineries family is Trevista Vineyards. They have been producing juicy grapes for 10 years in a vast open field. Their vineyard gets rave reviews even though the winery is run by two amantes (lovers in Spanish). Guests not only enjoy the wine, but the homemade food that’s presented like a masterpiece on elegant blanco plates.

Photo credit Trevista Vineyards

Have a glass of their 2009 Cabernet and you’ll detect the subtle traces of spices and dark fruit. Their 2011 Tempranillo is another dark varietal with sweet notes that is perfectly paired with one of their in-house desserts. This is a great winery to host a private event.

Photo credit Trevista Vineyards

We hope you enjoyed our written tour of Valle de Guadalupe. It’s not as fun as the live tour but it’ll give you an idea on which wineries to visit when you come to the valley. If you’re next adventure is leading you to Mexico’s wine country, let us help make your trip relaxing and unforgettable. Read our Trip Advisor reviews from our previous guests on how much they’ve enjoyed our tours. Hope to see you in Baja Mexico soon!

Our group tour enjoying their Valle de Guadalupe tour with us at Baja Winery Tours!

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