Puerto Nuevo is not just any small beachfront, it’s one of the best beach villages to get a gourmet prepared Puerto Nuevo lobster dish. The best lobster restaurants in Mexico are arguably in Rosarito’s beachfront, Puerto Nuevo. There’s no surprise why each restaurant competes for the reputation of being the greatest seafood kitchen. Recognized by famous chefs, such as Anthony Bourdain, Puerto Nuevo has their own style of making a sweet lobster.

The popular way to cook a Puerto Nuevo lobster is by chopping it in half and throwing it in sizzling hot oil for a good fry. This really softens the lobster and makes it extra flavorful while crunchy on the outside. With over 40 restaurants advertising the best seafood, how do you know which one to choose? We’ve provided an easy guide showing you our top picks. Let’s dig in!

The famous Puerto Nuevo lobster

Best Places to Order a Puerto Nuevo Lobster

Las Brisas

Las Brisas has been serving some of the best Puerto Nuevo lobster for over 18 years! As one of the oldest eateries in the area, they continue to wow customers today with their incredible seafood dishes. Try one of their stuffed fish specials, where they take a locally caught fish and stuff it with octopus, shrimp, peppers, and cheese.

Photo credit by Restaurant La Brisas

They also make a unique lobster special called ‘Lobster Au Gratin.’ They toast the lobster with bread crumbs and cheese to make a soft and savory appetizer that will dance around your tongue. You’ll have a fiesta in your mouth that you’ll enjoy every minute of!

Baja Calypso

Photo credit by Baja Calypso

This spectacular seafood restaurant is the number 1 restaurant on Trip Advisor. With over 250 good reviews, we can see why. Not only does the chef and owner, Gilles, prepare out of this world seafood specials, he also enjoys meeting his guests and making sure everything is superb. Delight in a margarita, the traditional Puerto Nuevo lobster or a prime rib, all while taking in the incredible view of the Pacific ocean.

Photo credit by Baja Calypso

Baja Calypso has one of the best locations to watch an evening sunset since it’s positioned on the cliff side. There are also local performers and touring bands that have sets at the restaurant regularly. They’re also open breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so feel free to visit anytime!

Siete Mares

Sunset view at Siete Mares. Photo credit by Siete Mares

Siete Mares is like a tiny jewel, hidden amongst all the other seashells in the soft, white sand. I use this analogy because it doesn’t have a huge online presence, which makes it the perfect local secret. Do you want rich tasting seafood and a cliffside table that overlooks the ocean for half the price? Then Siete Mares is the perfect choice. It’s not the fanciest place either which makes it a great dinner spot if you’re still sandy from laying at the beach all day.

Prescado frito (fried fish) special. Photo credit: Siete Mares

Don’t be afraid to order the full Puerto Nuevo lobster, a round of appetizers, and a couple margaritas. Enjoy the casual and relaxing ambiance of the seashore. We love taking our guests here on our Puerto Nuevo Lobster Run tour. They rave about the gourmet quality cooked food without the additional cost.

Sandra’s Restaurant

Not only is the Puerto Nuevo lobster on the menu, but Sandra’s Restaurant also serves noteworthy crab legs. Start off with the crab leg’s – Sandra style, and be sure to get them breaded. Sandra’s Restaurant is a cozy, fine-dining establishment, perfect for taking a date or having an intimate dinner.

Photo credit: Sandra’s Restaurant

If you are a wino, this is the best place to drink your favorite blend since it’s only $3.75 a glass or $15 for a whole bottle! If you’re looking to split a combination of surf n’ turf, Sandra’s also provides Combo specials. Perfect for the couples who love sharing and trying each other’s plates.

La Casa del Pescador

Photo credit: La Casa del Pescador

La Casa del Pescador is another local favorite that serves comfort seafood. If you crave fried seafood platters and country style cooking, you’ll fall in love with the menu here. Their stuffed fish plate is cooked to perfection and then breaded for an extra crunch. They also serve deep-fried shrimp and excellent ceviche.

The atmosphere is very casual and family friendly. They also have one of the best views of the sea since the restaurant is located on a pier. Since it’s a reasonably priced eatery, don’t feel bad for ordering another round of cold Tecate cerveza.

Restaurant Puerto Nuevo #1

Photo credit: From the Little Yellow Kitchen

Restaurant Puerto Nuevo #1 has been open for over 15 years now and is still popular amongst tourists and locals. It’s not surprising to find a line outside its front door for its flavorful Puerto Nuevo lobster. If you’re looking to beat the crowd, be sure to get there before the dinner rush or go during their lunchtime hours. Yet, some of the best meals are certainly worth waiting for.

Photo credit: Restaurant Puerto Nuevo #1

Restaurant Puerto Nuevo #1 might not have a gorgeous view of the sea, like the other lobster kitchens, but they do make handmade tortillas! That’s a pretty good tradeoff, if you ask me. You can’t miss out on this Puerto Nuevo classic if you’re looking for some truly authentic Rosarito flavor.

Ready to Eat Your First Puerto Nuevo Lobster?

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