Everyone who lives in Valle de Guadalupe knows the famous Finca Altozano Chef, Javier Plascencia, because of his successful gourmet establishments. He not only owns one of the best wineries in the Mexican wine region, but he also owns many styles of restaurants throughout the Pacific peninsula. Being a resident chef from Tijuana, he started one of his first prosperous restaurants, Misión 19, in the city and it’s recognized as one of the best restaurants in all of Mexico!

LUPE’s Airstream Food Truck. Photo credit: adventurestonowhere

So what motivated the Finca Altozano Chef to open up a food truck to sell tortas? According to an interview from A Gringo in Mexico, Chef Javier Plascencia explained that tortas are very tasty, quick to make, and they’re not very complex. This makes them the perfect on-the-go meal for visitors who need to eat a fast lunch or get a nice snack before they head on to do more wine tastings or other fun activities.

Torta from Baja Lupe Food Truck. Photo credit: LUPE

¡LUPE!, the name of the food truck, has been open since October 2016. It’s not exactly brand new, but it’s still a new concept for the restaurateur. Instead of a formal, fine dining setting, the torta truck provides a more casual atmosphere of wooden picnic tables. The truck itself is very classy since it’s an old Airstream renovated into a torta culinary kitchen. One sandwich with the finest ingredients is a little less than $5, making it one of the best lunch deals in the valley!

Finca Altozano’s Organic Garden. Photo credit: LUPE

Whatever’s growing in Javier Plascencia’s garden at Finca Altozano is what is prepared for Lupe’s menu. Chef Javier also chooses his meats from a local farmer and has started to raise his own lambs. You can be assured that when you eat at an establishment of Javier Plascencia, you are served the best quality of food.

Photo credit: LUPE

In a separate interview regarding his recent separation from his family’s Bracero restaurant, Javier expressed his distaste for kitchen shortcuts. He believes that if you want to satisfy your customers with fresh and delicious food, you can’t buy your ingredients from national food supply companies, like Sysco. Even the condiments at Lupe are homemade!

Homemade condiments bar at LUPE. Photo credit: Fernando Gaxiola

The El Jeje torta is stuffed with turkey breast along with smoked pork and then a fried egg is placed on top, making it a messy but delectable choice. There’s another torta served with fresh lamb meat that’s marinated in its own juices and one that’s made with a tender piglet. You can’t go wrong with any of the tortas, they’re all that good. You can enjoy your torta with an ice cold local craft beer or one of the wine blends made from a local winery in the Valle. While you dine, you’ll forget where you are since you’ll be inhaling the gorgeous view. The large tumbling valleys that surround the area will be a pleasant distraction.

Torta y cerveza, Torta and a craft beer. Photo credit: LUPE

So before you leave Valle de Guadalupe and head back to your hometown, you have to stop at Lupe to take a bite of the best Baja California torta! You should also take a wine tour around Valle de Guadalupe before you depart since the region is known as Mexico’s wine country. On our Valle de Guadalupe wine tour, we have a great lunch at the best outdoor dining room, Finca Altozano. Read more about the private and group tours we offer throughout Baja and feel free to request a custom tour that meets your travel desires.

Our tour guests on our Valle de Guadalupe wine tour!

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