Discovering CuatroCuatros

As the weather is starting to change in the United States during this time of year, I find myself browsing for a paradise getaway. Luckily, you don’t have to travel too far to enjoy the best beaches, forests, and vineyards, no matter where you live in the world.

What makes Ensenada so special is the fact that it’s located right in Baja California where all the excitement takes place. On our most recent private tour with a lovely couple, we took an adventure to CuatroCuatros.

Breathtaking sunset at one of the many wine bars. Photo credit: CuatroCuatros

CuatroCuatros is a unique winery and hotel that focuses on creating the best atmosphere and experience. The founders decided to create the ultimate getaway, where guests stay in cozy cabanas that are settled in between the vineyard and overlooking the ocean.

Lounge area outside of the cabana tents

We wanted to share the magic with our Baja travelers and give them a personal review if they decide to come back and wish to stay in a life-changing, luxury camp!

The CuatroCuatros Vineyard and Wine Bar

The CuatroCuatros vineyard was designed with nature in mind. Instead of growing the grapes in one central area, the grapes are scattered in groups throughout the valley and seaside property. They have counted for producing around 64,200 grapes, which is equal to 40 acres! You won’t find a more enchanting and expansive winery anywhere else.

Stunning view of the beautiful landscape. Photo credit: CuatroCuatros

CuatroCuatros prides themselves on growing their grapes in a different microclimate than other grapes grown in other Valle and Ensenada vineyards. Since the property is close to the ocean, there is a seaside breeze that keeps the air cool. The grapes develop at a much slower rate due to these climate characteristics, yet you will find that it adds to the flavor of their wines.

CuatroCuartos ocean view bar seating area

CuatroCuatros has their own oenologist who maintains the health of the grapes. They grow grapes for Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tempranillo, Cabernet Franc, and Sauvignon Blanc blends. You can enjoy these splendid varietals at the CuatroCuatros wine bar that overlooks the ocean.

“Raíz de Mer” (Sea Root) Vessel

You don’t have to be a guest at CuatroCuatros to visit the wine bar. There are plenty of public events that also take place at the space since the venue is so extraordinary. Their beachside bar is a large open area that provides the best views of the ocean and cozy seating.

Don’t miss their other popular drinking area in the middle of the vineyard. Where you can relax near the rustic wooden ships as you sip on the freshest wine from the juiciest grapes.

Camp in the CuatroCuatros Cabanas, You Won’t Regret It

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay in Baja that’s surrounded by nature, we highly recommend staying in one of the cabanas. The modern furnishings paired with the simple canvas-covered cabanas make you feel as though you’re camping in luxury.

Photo credit: CuatroCuatros

Treat yourself, along with your traveling partner or family, to a magical night under the Baja stars in a private tented cabana. You won’t have to live without your favorite amenities since all the cabanas come with air-conditioning, a mini-bar, and the best toiletries. Enjoy a glass from a bottle of the house wine while you gaze at the gorgeous views of the vineyard from your cabana porch.

Bedroom inside of a CuatroCuatros cabana

Explore the Wonders of Ensenada

Photo credit: CuatroCuatros

The views of CuatroCuatros could easily be mistaken for an award-winning painting. We were taken aback by the captivating colors and magnificent scenes of where the cliffside meets the ocean. The pictures alone do not give this fairy tale place justice. You must visit CuatroCuatros for yourself.

The famous ocean blowhole of Ensenada called La Bufadora

Luckily, Baja Winery Tours is happy to arrange a private tour to CuatroCuatros along with other vineyards and wineries in Baja California. We have a special group and private tour to Ensenada that includes visiting Hussong’s Cantina, shopping at El Mirador, and trying the best seafood at the Ensenada fish market. You don’t want to leave Baja without experiencing Ensenada!

We hope you have a wonderful trip through Baja!

Be sure to take a look at all our tours and don’t miss visiting CuatroCuatros!