Best Things to Do in Puerto Nuevo 2017

You may have heard that Puerto Nuevo has the best lobster and you should try it, but there are plenty of other fun things to do. We recently took a sweet couple on a private tour through Puerto Nuevo and Rosarito. Not only did we feast on deliciously fried lobster, we also shopped, drank, and walked along Baja’s gorgeous coastline.

Welcome to Puerto Nuevo!

We’ve provided a list of adventurous activities you can do when you come to Ensenada. Check out why visitors keep coming back to Puerto Nuevo and why you, your family, and friends should meet us here!

1. Have a Lobster Dinner

This is definitely the top thing to do in Puerto Nuevo. The lobster is prepared in a special way, you won’t be able to find it anywhere else. In fact, they even call it “Puerto Nuevo style lobster.

Puerto Nuevo Styled Lobster

Since there are over 40 restaurants, how do you know which ones serve the best Puerto Nuevo Lobster? After trying many restaurants, we prefer taking our guests to Siete Mares. You’ll love that the restaurant a local gem. Our guests love the quality and taste of the food without the extra cost (most of the other restaurants selling lobster are expensive).

Can’t forget to order margaritas with your lobster feast!

If you’re interested in seeing a list of the restaurants that serve the best Puerto Nuevo lobster, check out our previous post.

2. Visit Spa Ventana al Mar

Inside Spa Ventana al Mar Photo credit: Spa Ventana al Mar

Since you’re on vacation, you’ll want to find the perfect spot to pamper yourself. Puerto Nuevo has one of the best spa’s in Baja known as Spa Ventana al Mar. They have many services including massages, facials, waxing, and much more. One of the best things to do at the spa is to enjoy a dip in their pool or hot tub.

View from the massage tables! Photo credit: Spa Ventana al Mar

Tons of visitors have raved that Spa Ventana al Mar was the highlight of their trip. Relax and take it easy, you’re on vacation so treat yourself!

3. Watch the Sunset at a Lively Beach Bar

One of our favorite spots to eat in Puerto Nuevo, Siete Mares!

Puerto Nuevo has the neatest geography out of all the cities within Baja California. Since the city is positioned on the cliffside, you can walk to the beach where the sand meets the sea. Yet, there’s not much space to enjoy a nice cold beverage and the small sand bar can disappear once it gets to be high tide.

Beach bar at Baja Calypso. Photo credit: Baja Calypso

That’s why we recommend getting a drink at one of the local bars. One of our favorites is Baja Calypso. They have an excellent viewing of the coastline and the restaurant bar is located right along the edge of the cliff. This is the perfect place to have a margarita and watch the sunset.

Many local bands and traveling performers also play at Baja Calypso daily. Don’t miss this bar when you come to visit Puerto Nuevo.

4. Surfing off the coast of Puerto Nuevo

Low tide off Puerto Nuevo

If you’re a serious surfer and you’re looking for a place where not many beginner surfers go to (aka, where no lessons are taking place), you’ll definitely want to hit the swells in Puerto Nuevo. There are many people who enjoy traveling to Puerto Nuevo just so they can take advantage of the rolling waves without a whole lot of surfers crowding the space.

Puerto Nuevo Coast

This is only recommended for people who have surfed for a while, since lifeguards aren’t on duty and there aren’t any surf schools nearby. You’ll definitely enjoy your time out during high tide catching those mighty waves.

5. Practice your Spanish

One of the best parts about Puerto Nuevo is that it’s not overly crowded or packed with tourists. Not that it would be a bad thing if it were so, but it does make it nice to be immersed in a small town with the true culture.

If you’re looking to practice speaking Spanish, this is a great little beach town to practice your language skills in. Have you been wanting to learn Spanish before your trip to Mexico? We recommend learning Spanish through an online Spanish school called Spanish55. Spanish55 is a company established in the US with a team of native Spanish speaking professors from Mexico. They can help you reach your goals in conversing in Spanish with confidence and learn the local dialect. You can learn more about their classes here. We definitely recommend learning Spanish, es un lenguaje hermoso!

Touring through Puerto Nuevo and other cities in Baja

If you plan on rolling through Puerto Nuevo, you might find yourself itching to do more activities outside the cozy beach town. We recommend checking out Rosarito and having a drink at the large winery of CuatroCuatros. Rosarito is a larger city more inland from Puerto Nuevo. Some of our favorite things to do near Puerto Nuevo is to shop and taste tequilas.

You can enjoy lobster by the sea on our Puerto Nuevo Lobster Run

Here at Baja Winery Tours, we have an exclusive tour Puerto Nuevo Lobster Run tour that’s becoming more and more popular! We pick you up from your hotel in San Diego, or even your hotel in Mexico, and take you on an unforgettable experience. Not only do we treat you to a wonderful lobster feast in Puerto Nuevo, but we also take you shopping and tequila tasting in Rosarito.

If you’re looking to have a fantastic day trip in Baja California, book your tour with us today!

We hope you have an incredible time in Baja California, saludos!