Important Travel Information

(This was originally sent out to all of our email subscribers on July 24th 2021. Updated 11/8/2021)

Greetings from Baja Winery Tours :)

Recently Mexican authorities have instituted new checkpoints and have been pulling over nearly all vans and larger vehicles. They are now going to be checking for official Mexican documentation/permission to run tours in Mexico. This includes American plated vehicles! We have long heard about this but it was typically only for Mexican plated vehicles. They are now finally enforcing this for EVERYONE. This will affect ALL TOUR OPERATORS including ourselves and we will be making changes to our tours in accordance with these developments. We want to make sure everyone knows what is going on and how this can affect you, what this means, and what to do.

How can this affect you? Vehicles caught operating tours in Mexico by the authorities without proper licensing/permission can be seized on the spot. Meaning, if your group is stopped at a checkpoint or pulled over you can end up stranded wherever this occurs. Just this last weekend we personally saw 6 or more vans seized and the passengers left on the spot.

What does this mean for travel in Valle and Mexico? We are lucky enough to be the first company to build a business and website specializing in these types of tours to Valle(hence our number one position in search rankings.) ;) Thanks to this we have partnerships and excellent relationships which will allow us to operate in compliance with the law. However, pickups in San Diego will be affected and we will be making changes to our tours! If you have an upcoming tour we will send you a personal email about changes. 11/8/21 UPDATE** Pickups in San Diego will only be for Big Bus Groups! I.E. 20+ People! Or if you’d like to pay extra for the larger bus charter as a group under 20.

What to do? Now that there are literally HUNDREDS of illegitimate, uninsured, and “fly by night” operators offering tours the government is cracking down on everyone. Our advice? We don’t care if you go enjoy Valle with us or anyone else who offers tour services. Priority number one is safety, and after that a good time. If your tour operator DOES NOT HAVE the necessary licensing or permission it is in your best interest to NOT GO WITH THEM. We will be changing how our tours work also based on these developments in order to comply with Mexican authorities.

On a lighter note… It’s not all bad news! Due to these recent developments and popular demand… We will be bringing back our most popular tour ever, THE PUBLIC TOUR! That’s right it’s back and it’s better than ever. Previously shut down due to Corona. We will now be using 50 person charter busses with all necessary paperwork and licensing to operate. The Public Tour will now serve as a multi purpose event. Shuttle, tour, party bus, make multiple pickups/drop offs and will be even better than before! Stay tuned for all the new information and dates for when we will begin!

Stay safe and have fun.


Baja Winery Tours