Please read through the Frequently Asked Questions. Most questions about our tours/services are answered here. If your question is not answered, please fill out our contact form or call the phone number listed below the FAQ’s.

  1. The border is fully open!
  2. Masks. Yes masks for everyone. You will not be let in anywhere without one.
  3. NON U.S. Citizens may be required to present vaccination status or a negative test upon re-entry into the U.S.
  4. U.S. Citizens are currently not required to present vaccination status or a test.
  6. If you are extremely worried about your personal health and safety in regards to Corona-Virus, or are fearful of being in public places around other people, it is probably best you not come on a tour.

Contrary to media sensationalism, the vast majority of Mexican territory is totally safe for foreign visitors. Safety is a top priority on every one of our tours, and the Valle de Guadalupe itself is so peaceful that never at any time will you question your security. For a more detailed look at the topic of safety in the Valle de Guadalupe, feel free to check out this post on the Baja Winery Tours blog.

Yes, you do need to bring your passport on any of our tours into Mexico.

Historically, going into Mexico has not required a passport. However, recent law now states that a passport is required to enter into Mexico or to get back into the United States! It is required that you bring your passport on the trip in case immigration officers on either side of the border asks for it. As they say, “Better to bring it and not need it , than to need it and not have it!” If you decide to come on the trip without a passport and you are not allowed to go into Mexico, then you will have to stay behind and find a return trip back home on your own without any refund for the tour. Other tour operators will tell you that you do not need a passport in order to sell you tickets. Here’s the truth, sometimes that is true sometimes it is not. It is entirely up to the discretion of the border agent whether or not to run you through a secondary check for not having you passport when returning to the U.S. Which can delay your re-entry for a significant amount of time. Be wary of tour operators who tell you that you do not need a passport. ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY! Check with your local state department to make sure your Visa and immigration papers are in order before leaving the country.

Our tour prices vary greatly depending on which one of our tours you elect to go on and how many people are in your party. Unlike other operators we now offer dynamic pricing! This means the more people you have in your group the lower we make your ticket prices. Please use the navigation menu to select our different tours as the prices are listed on the individual pages.

Our public tours are exactly that. They are open to the public and anyone who loves wine and wants to experience Baja and or Valle de Guadalupe is welcome to book. Our private tours are for people who have a group already or don’t want to share transport. On a private tour its just you and your friends/family. Private trips are also customizable. You can choose wineries you’ve heard of, throw in some beer tastings, go to Puerto Nuevo for lobster, pretty much whatever you want, within reason 😉

We offer a range of departure and drop off locations including, San Diego, the San Ysidro Border, Tijuana, Rosarito, Ensenada and of course Valle de Guadalupe. Price and details vary based on location pickup/drop off and group size. See our price charts for more details.

The drive from San Diego, CA to Mexico’s Valle de Guadalupe is about two hours along beautiful ocean-side Highway 1.

Tours almost always depart at 9 am sharp and typically arrive back to the border crossing around 6 or 7. Our all day inclusive tours can range from 8-12 hours depending on the border wait. Best thing to do is plan on having an all day adventure 🙂

The border wait ranges greatly depending on season, political climate, day of the week, special events, and many other factors. Many tour providers will lie and tell you they have access to special “fast passes.” These fast passes are easily attainable and because of ease of access are often actually not faster than the Ready Lane.  Currently the best lane to use is what’s known as the “Ready Lane” and everyone with a current and valid passport is able to use it. Border wait times can be as fast as 15 mins or as long as 2 hours. Be wary of any tour operator who tells you they have special access, or lines, or passes etc. The only true “special lane” is the Sentri Lane. In order to use this lane every person in the vehicle and the vehicle itself has to be registered in the Trusted Traveler Program with the U.S. Federal Govt.

Check out our blog post “A day in the life” for an example of one of our amazing excursions.

We offer tours from anywhere from 2 to 50 people. The more people, the lower the price. We use modern comfortable 15 passenger vans for the majority of tours but we can take as many people as want to go. We often use large 50 person charter buses for our larger groups.

Our Private Valle de Guadalupe tour is ALL INCLUSIVE. Tour includes round trip door to door pickup and drop off. Our private all inclusive tours are just that, you pay the ticket price and everything is included. No worrying about cards working, money exchange, where to eat and drink, border crossing, toll roads, safe driving, getting lost, etc… We visit 4 different amazing locations. 3 different wineries and our famous Multi-Course gourmet lunch with wine pairings. This is not just a “tasting” but 2 full glasses of wine expertly paired with 4 gourmet courses. All included.

Our public tours include all day transport, reservations at the best restaurants and wineries in Mexico, worry free border crossing, toll roads, safe driving, and our award winning service. It is pay as you go and is NOT AN ALL INCLUSIVE TOUR. How much you spend is entirely up to you. We will visit 3 amazing locations with reservations for tastings at 2 different wineries, and a reservation for lunch at one of the best restaurants in Valle de Guadalupe.

There are over 100 wineries now in Valle de Guadalupe. Some tour providers take all their guests to the same wineries every time because they get kickbacks or special deals. We do not. We have about 20 to 30 that we rotate through and are always expanding our list. Some of these include Casta de Vinos, Clos de Tres Cantos, Finca la Carrodilla, Las Nubes, Hacienda la Lomita, Vinas Liceaga, Montefiori, Casa Frida, Casa Magoni, Mina Penelope, Sol y Barro, Solar Fortun, and on and on… There are too many to list here. Simply put, if you are unfamiliar with Valle just trust us to take you to the best spots, we wont let you down. If you have requests for specific wineries let us know and we will do our best to make it happen(the more time we’re given the more likely we can make reservations for specific locations.) Certain wineries will change the price of the tour.

You will get 3-4 generous tastings at each winery we visit along the tour. You are of course welcome to purchase additional tastings or a glass of any particular varietals you like as well.

Our public tours have a set itinerary and we do make a stop at El Mirador (The Viewpoint) for one of the best views in the whole coast. On a private tour you can choose whatever stops you want.

Yes we certainly do overnight/multiday tours. We are working on creating a page on our site just for overnight/multiday tours. But for now just shoot us an email and we’ll get you all setup for overnight tours.

We now offer dynamic pricing on all of our private tours. Meaning the bigger the group the lower the per person ticket price. Please use the menu and check out our different tours to see our pricing tables.

Yes we certainly do! If you’d like to purchase one there’s a link on our homepage or just click here.

We use clean, modern, late model vehicles. It depends on how many people we’re taking. Typically we use 15 passenger vans. If its a smaller group we will use a minivan or an SUV. If its 24 or more people we will charter a 50 person bus.

Simply put, our tours are catered to adults and involve drinking alcohol. For this reason, we ask that only mature adults accompany us on our Valle de Guadalupe winery tours. However, the drinking age in Mexico is 18, not 21 like in the United States. In Mexican culture, it is considered normal and healthy for young adults to engage responsibly in the occasional alcoholic beverage. Therefore, if you or your children are 18 years of age or older and mature enough to responsibly enjoy a bit of fine wine, then you will be a welcome guest on our tours. We can also arrange private tours for families with children in which the adults can imbibe some fine wine while the children are entertained. Check out our blog post about what to do with kids in Valle de Guadalupe!

  • All cancellations are subject to a 3 percent fee for cancelling. We are charged 3 percent by our processing company to accept payment AND issue a refund.
  • Canceling within 72 hours: No refunds will be issued if you should need to cancel your tour within 72 hours of said tour.
  • Canceling at least one calendar week in advance: Tour will be refunded 90% of your payment. Guests may reschedule their tour to a different date (based upon availability) without penalty.
  • Canceling with more than 2 weeks notice: Tours cancelled with 14 or more days notice will receive a full refund, minus 3 percent of money paid. Guests may reschedule their tour to a different date (based upon availability) without penalty.
  • Customers will receive a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone or email to cancel or inquire about a cancellation.
  • No-shows will be charged the full price.



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