Let’s be honest, we could tell you in this section how great we are, and our tours are, and rave on and on about how were the best, toot our horn blah blah. But who wants to hear that? We believe our tours and our service speak for themselves. So in this section we’ll give you some other information on why us.

Every tour you see on here we have done, we have created through trial and error, we created each tour because it contains the things we love to do, and the places we love to go in Baja. We know you will love it because we love it, and everyone that has been on our tours has loved it.

Our reviews are genuine and HARD EARNED. Here’s some cold hard truth, fake reviews ABOUND, something we have learned from being in the tourism industry. There are some competitors which use fake reviews (we won’t name names) and have numerous reviews, perhaps even more than us, even though they haven’t been around as long, or had as many tours, hmm how could that be?

We are one of the original tour companies to service San Diego and offer tours to Valle de Guadalupe and other parts of Baja. Tourism is coming back to the area and we are excited to see other companies popping up because a large portion of the local economy comes from the tourism sector and its good for the Mexican people. That being said always make sure to go with a reputable and legitimate company.

We are a legitimate tour company incorporated right here in beautiful Baja California Mexico. We are insured, licensed, and affiliated with both the San Diego Tourism Authority and the Mexican Secretary of Tourism. ALWAYS check with your tour operator to see if they are incorporated and most importantly insured. A lot of companies are just someone with a vehicle, what is referred to as a “fly by night” operator.

WE LOVE MEXICO. This is the underlying motivation and reason for everything we do and for even creating this company. We love Baja, we love Mexico, we love it here and we want to share that love with you. It personally makes us happy every time we change someone’s perspective from “Mexico?! Isn’t that place dangerous? I don’t know…” to “Mexico! Yes I love it down here! Can we stay?! I don’t wanna go home! We’re definitely coming back.” :)